Marbles are a predominant focus here at the Board of Significant Inspiration due to their unique relationship with inspiration. The origin of the word “marble” as a term to describe small spheres, (used for play, decoration, altruistic and esoteric functions), comes from Tudor English and descends from “memory pebble”.

Tudors used semi-precious stones and gems as aids to memory and in alchemic rituals. “Don’t lose your memory pebbles” had physical meaning. The UN have been researching marbles and their benefits since the early 1950’s. Marbles store and distribute inspiration, (The why and how is still unproven but we are investigating). Group experiences and exposure increases a marbles ability to harness and distribute inspiration. We imbue marbles with as many experiences as possible through the use of Marble Experience Exposure Machine (MEEM). MEEM is the name for apparatus created with the purpose of increasing a marbles inspirational capacity. These are often marble runs although not exclusively. UNBOSI has not been able to acquire any world record-breaking marbles. UNBOSI is commissioning a series of MEEMs. When combined the new MEEMs will become world record marble creators.

UNBOSI will distribute Super Marbles to world leaders. The Super Marbles will help generate the ideas required to maintain world peace.

Marble Wall of Fame

Wintergatan & his incredible Marble music machine.

A non-traditional marble run using magnets!

The current world record breaking Marble run, unfortunately they didn't keep any of the Marbles!