48hrs: The UNBOSI GAME JAM is live!


Here at the UN, we’re constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. We know it can be found anywhere. On pavements, in tunnels, the underside of your overweight cat – anywhere! But can it be created on the spot?

Introducing our first ever GAME JAM, brought to you by UNBOSI and the good people at Surge.

We’ve thrown the gauntlet down to six game makers and asked them this simple question: could you produce a video game in 48 hours for the chance to win £500? To be extra nice, there are two categories: web games, or mobile (Android/iOS), with a winner picked from each. 

Can I get that in bullet form?
Of course you can:
  • Six teams
  • Two winners
  • Lots of fun and/or recrimination along the way

The entrants have been selected, they hover in their starting positions.

The jam starts remotely at 6.00pm on Friday 2nd October, with the winners selected by our panel of odd judges on the Sunday. Both winning entries will be on show thereafter. 

(This project is part of the UN’s ongoing effort to harvest inspiration points up and down Glasgow and Dundee. We hope you’ll check in for updates on the jam, and take a gander at the winners on Sunday 4th October!)