Fenland & Forest Heath

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[ms_dropcap color=”#1c9acc” boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]W[/ms_dropcap]e’re looking for partners in your area to assist on a programme of activities that are based on our discovery regarding your locality. We’ve discovered high levels of inspiration in your region and are looking to work with partners from a range of disciplines across communities in Fenland and Forest Heath. We’d love for you to be involved in this process and project! We need to make a range of experiences for marbles that will then be shared with the public, spreading inspiration across the region in the hope of making the creative geniuses of tomorrow.

How can you contribute?

We’ve been working with the Market Place consortium to identify and connect with local partners and people. We’re looking for active participants in a range of roles:

Amateurs- looking to gain new skills, new experiences, designing, making, advocating.


1. Professionals- wanting to share your skills and make something outside of your normal work?

2. Engineers, artists, performers, teachers, organisations – Want to be a part of the UNBOSI legacy and support our work through sharing resources, expertise, capacity?

3. Advocates – People who want to be vocal supporters of our happenings and work with us to engage and empower communities across the region and or your personal locality, through connecting us with others, supporting the development of our activity, being with us at key events in the programme.

4 Field officers – become an active member of the Board, we’re always on the lookout for new field officers who’ll support our work in the locality but also be part of the future, leaving a legacy and a presence in the region.


What will it mean to be part of UNBOSI?

You can make something happen/be a part of something, we’re only just beginning to be more public facing which means the Fenland / Forest Heath is among our first public happenings!

You’ll be directly credited as a partner/supporter of our work, you’ll be responsible for creating the light-bulb moments and the creative genius of tomorrow (we’ve certainly noticed a lack in our current political/global structures, have you?).

You’ll be putting Forest Heath / Fenland on the map as a place of significant inspiration and unleashing inspiration upon the region, making it a hotbed for future ideas and happenings.

The Legacy!

We’ll leave something behind as a permanent marker of the United Nations in your area. So you’ll always have access to the inspiration.

Reciprocality, alongside unearthing and harnessing inspiration, we also have programmes that allow us to support those who have already had a light-bulb moment but are unable to fully realise their idea.

As a continued partner, you’ll be able to feedback to UNBOSI regarding occurrences in your locality and continue to play a part in our future plans.

We have a small budget, we’re keen to put this into the local communities and economies through our work and partners.

Most importantly of all, you’ll never have a really bad idea again, you may have silly ones but in the words of Ludwig Wittgenstein “If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

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For more information and to find out how you can be involved please do drop us a line
at admin@unbosi.org or call on 08003166690!