Past Projects

Crystal Palace

Since January 2017 we’ve been working closely with the Norwood Society BRIT School Community Arts students and the Museum of Croydon to investigate the highly inspiring area of Crystal Palace. UNBOSI’s scientific research has led us to discover high levels of MUSE (Micro-molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations) in the area that is the key source of creative genius.



We successfully harvested large amounts of MUSE and redistributed it as inspiration to the local public using marbles, don't lose them.

Southside Shopping

Our scientific team at UNBOSI worked in partnership with Southside Wandsworth in a collaborative mission to establish the power of inspiration. The key focus of this analysis and research was the exploration of shoppers deepest thoughts. What do shoppers know, do they know things, let's find out. Our groundbreaking equipment will ‘tap’ into and reveal thought patterns of busy shoppers and what determines their decisions and what inspires their purchases.