UN Mugs


Picture this: a small log cabin, draughty but cosy. You’re there, sitting in an old, worn armchair at a table by the window.

Outside the window is bitter cold. It’s the first few weeks of winter after enduring an autumn that seemed to stretch for an age. The frost has crept over the grass and is nipping at the edges of the window pane. Looking out of the window, you see a birds nest perilously dangling on the bare branches of a tree. It’s the very sigil of cold. You nestle deeper into the arm chair, wrap a blanket around your shoulders and take a sip from your favourite hot beverage from your UNBOSI branded mug. Wow. Inspiring. You think maybe it’s time to write that novel you’ve been putting off. Would you have had that spark of inspiration if not from the sip from this mug?

Maybe, but can you afford to take the chance?

Or, buy this for your mum. She loves mugs!*


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