UNBOSI in partnership with South London Muse Festival

News from Crystal Palace

Our staff here at the headquarters of the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration have been globally studying sites associated with human genius, using the power of the planet to create ‘light bulb’ moments inspiring co-operation and friendship between all nations.

Since January 2017 we’ve been working closely with the Norwood Society BRIT School Community Arts students and the Museum of Croydon to investigate the highly inspiring area of Crystal Palace. UNBOSI’s scientific research has led us to discover high levels of MUSE (Micro-molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations) in the area that is the key source of creative genius. We’re now ready to share our learning over the past few months with the public and become the next bright sparks.

Perhaps you participated in our studies and for that we are very grateful.  Thank you.

*UNBOSI’s staff and their installations designed to spark your inspiration were in Crystal Palace park on 17 June and in selected locations in the Upper Norwood Triangle on 18 June. Hope you got a chance to meet the team.