Get Marbles

Each marble has been fully charged with inspiration directly from MUSE hotspots around the world. Each marble breed is different; with different behavioural traits and ways of inspiring their owners.

You can peruse our adoption pages to read a little about each breed of marble and the ways they inspire. Occasionally we will have special marbles available for adoption; unique cross-breeds and special marbles.

Keep your eye out for these one-of-a-kind marbles, but every marble is individual - unique in its own way and ready to join you to help inspire!

Marbles have been part of major inspirational moments throughout human history; join the ranks of those inspired individuals and adopt marbles today.

You can adopt a mixed bag of marbles that have been hand selected by our Marbleologists, or you can choose which marbles you’d like in your bag. Just select from the options below:


These marbles have been hand-picked by our marbleologists; tested for ERT-levels, sociability, and general temperament. You will be adopting an established herd of juveniles and mature marbles, in a mix of different breeds and inspirational capabilities.

**Each marble has been fully charged with inspiration directly from MUSE hotspots around the world.

COST: £6.66 + Postage**


Build your own herd of marbles!

Select your own combination of breeds and customise what inspiration you want in your pocket. Read about different marble breeds, and once you have made your selection simply add that marble breed to your bag. Each bag can have up to 10 marbles, which will have each been fully charged with inspiration directly from MUSE hotspots around the world.

COST: £6.66 + Postage**

Marble care information:

Name them:

Marbles will bond with you like any other pet. Give them a name and with the right training, they may even come when they’re called!

Feed them:

Marbles don’t eat like humans do - they get their nourishment from ideas! So take your marble with you to inspiring places, pop it next to you while you write or draw, and make sure that it stays well fed with interesting experiences

Socialise them:

Most marbles are highly sociable and usually live together in herds. It is wise when adopting marbles to consider getting more than one, as they will tend to get lonely if kept on their own. While there are a few exceptions to this, ALL marbles love human contact and should be kept in close contact with their owners. Get your marbles out and show them to your friends! Play some games together - we have some excellent suggestions here.

Cuddle them:

Marbles love contact, so keep them close! Don’t leave them on a shelf at home, keep them in your pocket so they can be with you to keep you inspired!

Don’t lose them:

That’s the most important rule of marble care! Make sure you don’t lose your marbles!

There are a range of marbles available for adoption - different breeds can be viewed in our FREE PDF of A Field Guide to Marbles by UNBOSI behavioural marbleologist Caitlin Strongarm.

You can adopt a single marble for £1 (plus postage) or a herd of 10 marbles in an UNBOSI marble bag for £6.66 (plus postage).

Once you process your payment for marble adoption, email with your order information and which marble breed/s you would like to adopt. If you are unsure of the right marble for you, simply email us with what kind of inspiration you are seeking and our behavioural marbleologist team will advise you on the right marbles for you.

If you do not email your marble selection you will be sent one of our many marbles ready for inspirational adoption.

For fun ideas check out these videos of marble runs 

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