Marble Runs Workshops

The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration (UNBOSI) has been researching sites of human genius since the 1950s. Unfortunately, our research has shown inspiration to be lacking in the places we need it the most. The inspiration could be hiding anywhere, in your houses, gardens or broader community. Help us to imbue marbles with inspiration that can be sent to world leaders who seem to have lost theirs. We are holding new online Marble Run Workshops; if you have been exposed to high levels of inspiration recently, we want to harness your power through the marble run to the marbles themselves.

Our highly trained Marbleologists will take you through creating a ‘MEEM’ (Marble Experience Exposure Machines) or Marble Runs. During these workshops, we hope to imbue more marbles with inspiration, leading to a large increase in moments of human genius.

If you are interested in signing up, you can do so here:

These are the Workshop Dates and times:

May 8th 10am
May 22nd 10am
June 5th 10am
June 5th 11.30am
June 19th 10am
June 19th 11.30am
June 26th 10am
June 26th 11.30 am


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If you are looking for some important activities to take part in with your family or friends (in a COVID-19 secure way), we would appreciate the help you can give us. The essential things you need to know are:
These workshops are free and last for approximately one hour
If you have several people in the same household or bubble who want to join in, they can use the same device. You do not need to use a device per person. But please state how many people as there is a limit of 24 participants per call.

Please feel free to use any materials you can find at home to create your marble run, dry recycling or toys you already own that will work exceptionally well for this experiment.

You don’t need to use marbles; specifically, any spherical object will do.

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