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Marble Water

Marble Cans of H2O!

Inspiration-infused Marble Water

The marbles in these tins were exposed to genius from a young age. A single can contains a marble that might have been in Shakespeare’s garden, under Newton’s apple tree, or in any number of the UNBOSI identified Sites of Significant Inspiration.

The crystalline water contained within has absorbed further inspiration from the font of eternal youth at Streatham Spring. Now, this marble-infused water sparkles with possibility, ready to pass on sheer presence of mind, while opening one up to the genius of literature, art, and science.

Just be careful of your front teeth when you take a sip.

UN Mugs

Picture this: a small log cabin, draughty but cosy. You’re there, sitting in an old, worn armchair at a table by the window.

Outside the window is bitter cold. It’s the first few weeks of winter after enduring an autumn that seemed to stretch for an age. The frost has crept over the grass and is nipping at the edges of the window pane. Looking out of the window, you see a birds nest perilously dangling on the bare branches of a tree. It’s the very sigil of cold. You nestle deeper into the arm chair, wrap a blanket around your shoulders and take a sip from your favourite hot beverage from your UNBOSI branded mug. Wow. Inspiring. You think maybe it’s time to write that novel you’ve been putting off. Would you have had that spark of inspiration if not from the sip from this mug?

Maybe, but can you afford to take the chance?

Or, buy this for your mum. She loves mugs!*


UN T-Shirt

Nothing says ‘political empowerment’ quite like a branded t-shirt. But this one is a bit different – by wearing an UNBOSI shirt, you will become a representative of genius on the streets, a steward of inspiration.

People will think;

‘I thought Jo worked for an orthotics company, but here I see a UN T-Shirt? 

Wow, Jo is a really motivated individual! I will definitely invite them to my next dinner party.’

UNBOSI branded hat

Your future is bright, and so is the sun.

Protect your head from it with this handy hat! Will also prevent inspirational ideas from leaking out of the top of your head.

UNBOSI Notepad & Pencil Set

Perfectly pocket sized for noting down your most inspirational ideas while on the road. Unlined paper for scribbles and plans.

Pencil comes blunt but can be as sharp as your wit.


35mm hard enamel UNBOSI Pin

Take UNBOSI with you every day of the year. These pins are guaranteed to bestow on you an air of mystery and importance.

How do they do that, you ask? Well, what an important question! I could tell you, but that would unshroud the mystery now, wouldn’t it?

You’ll have to get one to find out.

A set of an enamel pin and an inspired pencil.

Choose your pin design:


  • a timeless classic, enamel pin of the UNBOSI logo.


  • a pin declaring your support of marbles a-flame with inspiration.

Includes postage and packaging