The United Nations Board Of Significant Inspiration is set to return to Stratford Upon Avon for the first time in seventy years. A significant meeting in the English town, birthplace to arguably the most inspired writer ever to have lived, led to the foundation of UNBOSI in 1946. Now UNBOSI scientists are returning to William Shakespeare’s birthplace to launch their trial project MUSE.

This project marks the culmination of significant worldwide research carried out by UNBOSI and their partner organisations specifically the recent discovery by Bio Organism Substrate Industries of the relationship between smell and success in humans. Their breakthrough has led to the significant discovery of the effect of a harmless, odorless, invisible substance which emanates from geological fissures at a number of locations on the earths surface. This substance which UNBOSI scientist have named MUSE (Micro-molecular Unseen Sensory Emanations) is most prevalent at sites where there is a strong relationship with literary genius.

Project Muse at Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust will commence with a period of muse collection to try to locate the possible source of literary inspiration which they believe is located somewhere at the site. This will be followed by a period of detailed analysis to discover the nature and effect of muse emanating in Stratford Upon Avon. Finally the results of this research will be tested on the general public who will be invited to attend a nighttime immersive experience, the UNBOSI A’ MUSE ment Park™. This public experiment will be designed to search for moments of significant inspiration in members of the public while they are exposed to Muse.